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9 pcs Handroll Vacuum Compression Storage Bags
Price RM15.90 RM45.00
Product SKU SKN0039
Brand Sokano
Size (L x W x H) 19 cm x 11 cm x 6 cm
  • Transparent backs for easyidentification of contents Featuresdouble-zip locks to ensureairtight properties Engineered forpacking convenience Excellentfor travelling, pack much more intoone bag
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Sitting on your suitcase trying to jam pack a ton of things can sometimes be moving mountains into molehills.
With this 9-piece Vacuum Storage Bag set, packing can now be done in a jiffy; while saving a ton of space!
Pack up your entire wardrobe or simply stow away bulky items while spring cleaning with this set of vacuum storage bags that can be used by simply rolling them up to compress out the air or by using a vacuum cleaner.
With unique features such as an airtight and watertight ziplock compression, be sure that your prized possesions are neatly stowed away, minus the space!
DEAL includes:
  • 5 pieces of 40cm X 60cm compression bag
  • 4 pieces of 35cm X 50cm compression bag



What's in the box

-5 pieces of 40cm X 60cm compression bag

-4 pieces of 35cm X 50cm compression bag