Inverted Reverse Double Layer Umbrella C Handle Hook 190T
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Brand Sokano
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Waterproof, Anti-UV, Durable, Wind Proof (Double Layer Fabric), Self Standing, Hands Free (C Shape Handle).
The C-Shape handle allows you to be hands free to use your smartphone, while the umbrella leans against your body.
You can stand your umbrella up.
Double Layer Fabric that allows it to be wind proof.
Minimal dripping after closure, allowing the remaining rain water to fold inside and you can flip it over instead of letting it drip.
Easy to open and close in confine spaces unlike traditional umbrellas.
Best choice for yourself or your friend.You will not be disappointed!

Model: Inverted umbrella
Shaft: Anti-Rust Aluminium Shaft
Outer Material : 190T Pongee
Handle : C Shape plastic
Length :approx 81cm