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Low Back Bra Strap (3 in 1 Set)
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Product SKU SKN0344
Brand Sokano
Size (L x W x H) 10 cm x 10 cm x 3 cm
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  • Simple; affordable answer to low-back tops 
  • Easy to use with any one or two hook bra. 
  • Makes your bra back 1" to 3" lowerAllows you to wear lowbackand backless fashions 
  • Color: Black, White & Beige

Wearing a low back bra straps allows you to wear low back dresses and shirts.

  • Adjustable slider adds perfect fit and comfort
  • Attaches to any hook and eye back closure bra
  • Strap is discreet and stay in place
  • Strap is adjustable for a comfortable fit
  • Does not slide or slip off
  • Attaches to your bra with nylon-coated hardware to minimize chafing
  • Converts your bra into a low back bra.
  • Perfect for those sexy, backless tops and cut-out dresses.



How to use



  • Hook the hook part of the extender to the eye closure of your bra.
  • Take the strap across your back and loop it around your stomach.
  • Attach the other end to the hook part of your bra to close.



Why You Need this ?



  • Never compromise support for a dash of sexiness when you slip into your latest low-back little black dress.
  • Wear low back dresses with confidence and style with bra strap extensions.
  • Attaches to any hook-and-eye back closure bra.
  • Discreet strap stays in place and does not slip off.
  • Nylon-coated hardware minimises chafing.



What's in the box
  • 1 x Black Low Bra Strap
  • 1 xNude Low Bra Strap
  • 1 xWhite Low Bra Strap