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Product Details Of (MALAYSIA 3 Pins Plug) SOKANO KW057 Multipurpose Cooker With Steamer Basket (18cm) Non Stick Inner Port Multifunction Electric Cooker Small Appliance I'M Chef Elektrik Kuali Masak

Features & Specifications :

  • Malaysia 3 pin plug

  • Non-stick coating inner

  • Safer and smarter design

  • Easy to cook or steam rice, heat dishes, and soup, boil egg and etc

  • Long-lasting and durable to use

  • Easy to use and operate by just pressing one time for on or off

  • Material Outer: Plastic

  • Inner Material: Stainless Steel or Non-stick

  • Color: Green

  • Volume: Pot 1.8L, Steam Tray 0.6L

  • Power (W): 600 Watt / 220V~50Hz

  • Product Dimension : 17.5 x 21cm


Product Details Of SOKANO Dessini Air Fryer DS-802 Malaysia Plug Healthy Lifestyle Timer and Temperature Adjustable Kitchen Appliance

Air fryer’s technology enables you to make the tastiest french fries or fried chicken that contain up to 80% less fat!

Enjoy delicious fries, snacks, and meals in a healthy and fast way.

How to use:

1. Open the frying pan, put the food inside, close the fryer, and plugged in.

2. Setting for the timer to adjust the cooking time of food.

3. Setting for the temperature adjusts the cooking temperature of food

4. When the timer rings, cooking is finished


Specification :


1. Capacity: 4.3 Liter

2. Analog Timer

3. 30 Minutes Timer

4. Adjustable Temperature Range up to 200 degrees Celcius

5. Display cooking guide with temperature and timer on the top of the cooker

6. Watt: 1300 W

7. Overheat Protection


Product Details Of SOKANO F118 Rechargeable USB Fan 2000mAH Table Fan Portable Mini Fan Cooling Air Fan 3 Speed Touch Control Strong Wind Quiet for Home Room Office Kipas Angin Rechas Semula

Descriptions :

It is quiet and lightweight, The strongest and lightest yet ultra-quiet desk fan you could find out. Touch Sensor Control design of low current and high-speed motor, the Service time is much longer and operation is more stab. Patented three fan sheets to strengthen the middle of the wind space. Special protection when the motor is work, to keep the user from damage.Can be placed bedside your computer, on the table, or in your car for convenience to use.USB powered or Replaceable and rechargeable 2000mah battery.

Specifications :

  • Rechargeable

  • Strong Wind

  • Touch Sensor ON/OFF

  • 360 Degree Rotating

  • 3 Speed Control


Product details of SOKANO Heavy Duty Base Stand Movable Base Multi-functional Stand / Adjustable Universal Machine Carriage / Telescopic for Dryer Washing Machine Fridge Furniture Moving

  • Maximum Load: 250kg
  • Easily move your heavy home appliances such as Washing Machine, Fridge & etc
  • Adjustable : 44-68cm
  • It could also prevent appliances from a certain level of water damage as it lifted the appliances away from the floor
  • 4 x Heavy Duty Wheels with Brake
  • Just a few minutes needed for easy installation
  • Suitable for placing heavy objects such as washing machine refrigerator, sterilizing cabinet and air-conditioner
  • Maintaining ventilation of the bottom of the objects, anti-moisture, anti-rust, and easy to be moved and cleaned
  • Wheel Material: PA66 rubber universal wheels, metal zinc-plating tube
  • Function: smooth and firm, adjustable dimension and convenient movement
  • Ultra-strong rigidness, press resistance, and anti-corrosion
  • Size adjustable
  • The handy pallet is easy to navigate with four 360 degrees rotating wheels
  • No more struggling and backaches! Rearrange bulky furniture with ease or move heavy objects effortlessly with the handy pale
  • The fastest and easiest way to move heavy objects

Product Details Of SOKANO PLUX Air Purifier PM2.5 Household Smoke and Dust Removal Cleaner Sterilizer Negative Ion with HEPA Filter-Air Purifier For Home (2 Years Warranty)




Features :

  • Acrylic panel touch control

  • High-quality motor with bearing

  • TVOG odor sensor detects air quality

  • Digital display of indoor temperature and PM2.5


Specifications :

  • 5 Layers Filtration

  • Remote Control

  • Filter Replacement Reminder

  • 3 Speed Control

  • Size : 31cm(L) x 15.6cm(W) x 51cm(H)