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Price RM40.00 - RM219.90 RM80.00 - RM259.90
Product SKU SKN5857
Brand Sokano
Size (L x W x H) 15 cm x 26 cm x 22 cm
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Type: Electric Breast Pump

Content Single Pump :
Main unit (built-in battery)
tube ( Y tube )x1
cover x 1
funnel x 1
silicon diaphragm x 1
cylinders cover x 1
massage petals x 1
valve x 2
PPSU /PP bottle x 1 (with nipple and lid)
Free Adapter x1

Content Double Pump :
Main unit (built-in battery)
tube ( Ytube can use for single pump / double pump ) x1
cover x 2
funnel x2
silicon diaphragm x2
cylinders cover x2
massage petals x 2
valve x 4
PPSU/PP bottle x 2 (with nipple and lid)
Free Adapter x1

Led HD Touch Screen

Power-on mode: Plug-in / Rechargeable battery

Pumping 1-10 mode / Massage 1-10 mode, can be adjusted according to individual needs

Smart chip: automatically record the last breast pump mode, start and use

【Product Features】:
1. 20-stage massage and breast pumping modes, adjust the suction mode as you like.

2. The screen display shows the number of massages and breasts, and can also be paused.

3. Fully charged when going out, saving the trouble of finding a plug to carry the mobile power

4. Silent design, no noisy baby

6. Accessories can be placed in a sterilizer to disinfect

7. Adopt food grade environmentally friendly bottle, safe and environmentally friendly

8. Easy to buy accessories, can be replaced regularly, or buy more than one set of spare

9. Can connect with Adapter ,Power bank

- Extra Acc Purchase 1 Set Include :
cover x1
funnel x1
silicon diaphragm x1
cylinders cover x1
massage petals x1
valve x2
PPSU bottle x1 (with nipple and lid)